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A Dream, a Wish, a Goal

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Some say that we are crazy, some say that it will never be, some hope that maybe it will be.

We have a dream, a goal... something that we wish to happen one day. A clinic, not just any ole clinic on the corner of a busy street in Any Town, USA but a wondrous compilation of all the things that could and would make life so much better for so many that deserve so much more than they have now.

I've actually done a layout of the building, exam rooms, small lab, small pharmacy, a cafeteria and kitchens. A library, an indoor pool for exercise and physical therapy.

The staff will live on site. Facilities will be available for patients, and their families to stay.. no more choosing between labs, doctor visit and therapy for a member and a vacation for the family. There will be activities for kids and spouses that will range from hiking and fishing to camping, boating, archery, and whatever else we can come up with.

For those without insurance, or with limited finances we'll have tons of things that can be done around the building and grounds by way of sweat equity so that they can help us to keep our overhead down and still get their labs and docs visit and prescriptions. Chores could be anything from online research to day care for the younger children of other patients, spending time helping in the kitchen, the greenhouse or the outdoor gardens (which will provide folks with healthy organic produce). 

We'll have conference rooms available for support groups, lectures or just a spot out of the way for new friends to visit.

We'll be able to learn how to exercise at current physical levels and learn how to increase levels of exercise to encourage increased stamina, strength metabolism and to relieve stress. We'll have computer rooms with internet access to keep in touch with friends and family and for private research. With classes for those that want to learn how to make even better use of their computers for research, correspondence, running a household or a small business.

With lab and pharmacy on site patients will be able to get things done in a timely manner and all in one location. We'll carry prescription items that are specific to those that are dealing with thyroid, adrenal, lymphedema and lipoedema problems so that no one will be told that their pharmacy doesn't carry a specific brand or type or dosage size.

Our docs will be VERY knowledgeable in thyroid diagnosis, care and treatment and understand that it's labs AND symptoms that tell the story.

New patients will be filling out questionnaires that will allow them to list symptoms, histories and concerns with enough detail that the doc will have a good understanding of the individual even before the exam begins.

Office visits will be long enough and individualized enough to actually be of benefit... no cattle calls or assembly line practices will be allowed.

We already have a pretty good list of volunteers should we ever come up with a way of funding this dream... this wonderland for those of us that need proper care and attention.... 

Architect to finalize and detail the plans prior to construction.

Counselors, nutritionist, therapist, phlebotomist, lab tech, computer geek, cooks, gardeners, and an individual that is working on a nursing certificate.

I could go on and on about this particular subject, have actually been known to talk about it for hours at a time. I've spent countless hours working on what the building's features need to be.... 

... all that is left is to find the funding to get the land and get everything going in a way that will be totally legal and according to AMA standards yet still be in OUR control and not under the dictatorship of anyone that wants to make treatment and care 'substandard' to save a buck or cut corners.

June, 2005

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The Dream is one step closer

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Last night I registered the domain name for our clinic, and today I started the first pages on the website where I hope to share some of the plans that lay in limbo, waiting for the chance to become reality.

You are more than welcome to visit...

The ThyroPhoenix Clinic....

Topper (Linda) aka ThyroGeek
February 9, 2008


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