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I'm just learning about Raw Fooding......

Parts of it make a LOT of sense to me, there is no doubt that overly processed foods and those that are filled with chemical aren't healthy for us.

But I'm not sure that I can jump up and down and say that a Raw Food lifestyle is going to cure all ills either.

Most veggies have a better nutritional content when fresh from the ground, verses long term storage, or being 'well' cooked. But as folks with thyroid challenges there are some veggies that we really can't do raw.. at least not until our thyroid hormone levels are optimized and we are in a postiton where we are able to determine body response to various goitrogenous foods.

Here I'm mostly getting toward the effects that some of us experience when exposed to goitrogens. Not all of us respond the same way to all of them.. some of us, in fact, have no negative effects from some of them, while others are dropping to their knees it total exhaustion from any, or all, of them.

My suggestion would be, to anyone that has a thyroid disorder, that major changes in eating habits be done gradually and that it might be wise to hold off till thyroid hormone levels (Free T3 and Free T4) are building up toward healthier levels, and hypo symptoms are lessening enough were you can tell if eating that fresh picked brocolli is making you feel tired, or it was the physical effort involved in being out in the garden all afternoon.

Use your better judgement.

Topper (Linda)
aka ThyroGeek

























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