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We all know that our diets (no I'm not talking about the diets that you go on to lose weight, I'm talking about diet, the foods that we eat) have a lot to do with our health and well being.

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One of the things about thyroid diseases and disorders is that our bodies no longer work the way that they used to and we find that foods that we've eaten and enjoyed all of our lives aren't so good for us anymore.

How you handle that difference seems to be an individual thing. Yeah, someone may tell you what you are supposed to do.. but often they never tell you why... so... not knowing why tends to make us feel that if we want it they can't be telling us that we can't.

I hope to make this section of the site a place to go for some ideas and answers and suggestions about food.. why some are good, why some are bad.. what you might want to change and why that change may be better for you. 

You'll notice that one of the topics I cover under the 'heading' of Nutrition I call "Ways of Eating". I chose that term over 'diet' for several reasons. Diet, as a word, has a very negative taste to it, for many people. I don't want anyone to shy away from good info just because they don't like that word... Besides... most of us don't need to go on a diet. Yep, I just said that.... and yes, I do know that many folks that are hypo are also over weight, I'm one of them.. But, I honestly believe that going on a diet is not the answer... We need to learn how to eat to feed and nourish our bodies the way that they are now... We have to change our way of eating. 

For someone that is 'normal', and not hypo, simply reducing calories and increasing exercise is often all that is needed to lose weight.. but for those of us that are hypo, many of the common 'diet' foods aren't good for us.. and some of the foods that are really good for us are not so good for the rest of the world....

Simply to say "eat less, exercise more" is not the thing to say to someone that is barely eating once a day and has trouble just getting out of bed due to the pain and fatigue that they deal with on a daily basis... I'm not gonna say that. Nope.. not me..

I'd like to introduce you to a new way about thinking about food and how to relate food to your new body and how to use it to help to heal and grow and return to LIFE. Yep.. said that too... that by using food to HELP you get healthier.. you can get your life back, too.

Food alone won't do it... don't get me wrong. It's still very important that you determine the cause for your thyroid disorder, and take measures to correct or supplement so that your body is able to return as closely to normal function as it can... but once you're heading in the right direction with that, with the correct supplements... then it's time to look at other things that you can do to help your body on the journey that you have begun get your life back...

Topper (Linda)
aka ThyroGeek









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