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I know, I know.. every one is jumping on the band wagon about the magic of food.. Eat only this food and never, ever eat that food and you will be perfectly healthy... I'm not gonna go there. What we'd like to do is start a running list of foods that are especially good for us (those with thyroid disorders, either hyper or hypo) and why.. and foods that are bad for us, and why.

If you know the 'why's' then you can make the intelligent choice for you. If it's something that you TOTALLY adore but it's going to interfere with your thyroid meds, take that into consideration and determine what you can do to make it more acceptable. Limiting your portions or timing it's consumption to have the least interference with your med dosing. Or possibly increasing your dose for the day to cover the negative affects of that forbidden pleasure.

Our goal, here, is to share our personal experience as well as our research so that others will have a head start as they start their own journey back to a normal, healthy life.

We're NOT doctors, don't really even have a medical background. But have been fighting the war for a long time and we've learned some things on the way... that is what we are here to share. You can choose what you wish to do with these tidbits. Some will help, some won't... but the only way to find out is to try. To learn.

See, there is one VERY important thing that we've learned in this battle against thyroid disease...

We are ALL individuals.

How thyroid diseases and disorders affect us is different for everyone. That is why it is so very important to learn as much as you can and then apply that knowledge to the knowledge that you already have from living in YOUR body.

Oh, you'll notice that we're also working on a recipes section. The recipes will include what positive value they have in thyroid care.

Even if it's just the joy factor of a chocolate confection!!!
(taken in moderation, of course!)


















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