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Coming to Grips with a Thyroid Disorder

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This can be a difficult thing to face; the initial blow is when the doc says that you will be taking a pill every day for the rest of your life.

It sucks.

You get MAD

You get scared

You feel helpless

You feel hopeless

... and the more hypo and foggy and frustrated you are from being sick, the more pronounced those feelings will be...

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There is nothing at all good about any of this mess!!

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Or Is There?

What if you grab a sheet of paper... Make a list of all your symptoms... though, for now, if you don't want to do any writing just yet... think of them, make a mental list.

You know you are hypo - you've finally got confirmation that you're not crazy and all those miseries and mysteries are REAL...

Now... consider this...

Once you get your dosages and support figured out these symptoms, these miseries, they're going to start easing up... and some will go away all together!

Yea... You're going to feel better!

It's a frame of mind thing. If you don’t eat as well as you should, and most of us, healthy or not, don't - simply because our food choices and often options aren't so healthy - we take vitamins. The vitamin pills supply nutrients to our bodies that they aren't able to get from the foods we eat. From those nutrients our bodies produce bones, muscles, energy, vitality - LIFE… Right??

So... our thyroids can't do their job any more, they're sick, or broken, or damaged, or have been removed. If they can't make the hormones that we need to be healthy wouldn't it only be logical to give our body what is missing? What I mean is, simply, give the thyroid hormone that is missing.

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The First Shocker

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When the doc hands you that prescription slip, when you go to the pharmacy to get it filled, when you read the insert, the part that says it will most likely be needed for life... that is when you freak...

It helped me a LOT when I realized that it's NOT medicine - not really. It's not altering anything in my body by way of chemical interaction, it's not killing anything in my body. It's putting something back in that my body can no longer make on its own.



I CAN...
..... knock these symptoms down, or out, cuz I now know what causes
them. I now know what they mean.

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Oh, hey... do you know what symptoms are? It's how our body talks to us. How it tells us something is wrong. Just to pick one, a common one... 

Weight gain - or failure to lose excess weight despite dieting and exercise and tons and tons of effort...that's how our body tells us, well, one of the ways it tells us, that our metabolism is too low. Other ways is feeling tired so much of the time and feeling cold, when everyone around us is warm.

Anyway... now you know the symptoms are your body calling for help, that something is wrong and you need to help; and now you know that your thyroid is what is causing the trouble and that the help you need to give is getting that hormone back into your body so that it can do its job again.

...well... isn't that kinda cool??

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The Challenge

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Now you have a bit of a challenge ahead of you. You have to get a doc that understands how to do this, which means you have to learn yourself, to be able to find a good doc... And the better you learn, the more you learn how it all works - so that everything you do from now on is positive and supportive for your NEW body - the better you will feel... sooner…

But... Keep in mind that your MOST VALUABLE ASSET with all that is happening now is patience.

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Patience in allowing your body to adjust to all the changes it's going through now. 

It took years, most likely, for your body to get to the point where it had nothing left to adjust in its systems to allow you to function through your day. You need to understand, and realize, that it's going to take it some time to adjust things again in response to getting hormone back into it.

It will need to go through these adjustments with each dosage change. And those dosage changes need to be made in small increments so that your body can make minor tweaks and adjustments and not get so shocked and overwhelmed that it has to send you new symptoms as it tries to let you know that it needs your help going through all these positive changes.

For me, though it's not the same for everyone, I got a feeling of contentment, of 'rightness' when my body was settled in, balanced, and ready for the next change in dosage.

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When the time comes.....

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Its time for you to decide how you are going to deal with this... Before you couldn't fight cuz you didn't know what to fight. Now you know that there is nothing to fight, you have learned that you have to explore what has changed within your body and figure out what YOU can do to make the most of what you have to work with.

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Yeah... there will be changes... and in the beginning it will be hard. No one likes to make major changes... hey, we're human, individuals... but if you can make some changes that will give you back your quality of life... 

would it not be worth that to you??

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It's time to get ready...



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The is a lot to learn... hundreds and hundreds of web pages on line, quite a few on this website alone. But for now... get up from the computer. Grab a nice cool fresh glass of water... have a few sips.... then go for a walk, or sit in a quiet spot, soak in a bath tub... curl up with your pet on top of the bed... Contemplate the magic of what you have learned.


Yeah... magic.

All this time, feeling so crummy, not knowing why... now you know... And now you start on an adventure... learning how to care for and live in your new body.

Come back tomorrow... learn some more... gather your weapons (knowledge), your tools (information), your courage...

...take my hand... 
... and join me for a stroll... 
... one that will change...
Your Life!

ThyroGeek   aka   Topper (Linda)
January, 2008

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