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There is a LOT of controversy with carbs versus no carbs.

I did no carb for a while and it worked great for me (ThyroGeek)... but I'm not so convinced that its a good long term choice. Remember, though, that it's just my opinion.

But there is the fact that many folks that are hypo, even while being treated, find that carbs do them a significant negative. Some are allergic to certain high carb foods, some find that the calorie density of carbs make them enemies of the waist line. 

So I'm gonna say that it's up to you to find out how your body reacts to carbs and if that reaction, and your lifestyle, make lowering your carb intake something that you want to look into. We have several members in our support groups that are doing well on both Atkins and South Beach.. We also have members that do well on other eating plans as well. 

So experiment, monitor how your body reacts, and determine if its the type of eating plan that fits you, your body, AND your life style.

Remember, above all, your goal should be a healthy weight, whatever that my be for your body type.

Don't strive to attain a goal that your body was never meant to be.

- aim for good health! -

Topper (Linda)
aka ThyroGeek








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